Saturday, December 04, 2010


The Saturday photo, part XIII: I've been browsing some of the photos of Mogadishu on Flickr. It is, of course, a quite spectacularly ruined city. But, as with (almost?) all ruins, not without its beauty. This is the old port:

Mogadishu old port

Recently I ordered my own copy of Robert Ginsberg's strange book, The Aesthetics of Ruins. It's strange for many reason, and that strangeness is no doubt enhanced by the fact that it's apparently a self-published labor of love. But it is to my mind the most interesting book on ruins yet written.


mogadiscio said...

Hello, just only a litlle corection. This is not the old port, this is the old italian lighthouse cca 100 years old. The old port is more to the north from this place, and the new port is more southern of this old lighthouse. This picture is probably taken from Al-Aruba Hotel. But you are right, it is beatifull in itself.

Jon said...

Thanks for this, mogadiscio!