Sunday, January 04, 2009


Posthegemony has been an instance of slow blogging for some time now.

But in the silence, I forgot to mention... that the manuscript of Posthegemony, the book was finally sent off to Minnesota shortly in mid-December. It should be out at some point late this year.

Meanwhile, the latest shallow swipe at posthegemony appears in Mabel Moraña et. al.'s Coloniality at Large:
[Latin America] as a whole can and should be seen as a much more complex scenario than the one usually approached through concepts such as postnational, posthistoric, posthegemonic, post-ideological, and the like. These fashionable notions, which in certain contexts could mobilize theoretical reflections, capture very specific aspects of a much broader political, cultural, and epistemological reality, and when taken as totalizing critical paradigms, provide limited and limiting knowledge of Latin America's cultural and political problems. (16)
At some point I should probably respond to such pre-emptive criticisms. Not right now, however.

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