Friday, April 07, 2006

Mazher Mahmood

Mazher MahmoodJust doing my bit... The pictures in this entry may or may not be likenesses of Mazher Mahmood, the so-called "fake sheikh." Via Fake Sheikh.

For background, see The BBC, The Guardian, Obsolete, Obsolete again, recess monkey, Guido Fawkes, Lenin's Tomb, and Lenin's Tomb again.

And let me inform Messrs Farrer & Co. (who are also the Queen's solicitors) that this site is hosted outside the UK, and that this blog is written by an individual who is not living within the jurisdiction of the UK.

Mazher Mahmood
Update: Play Sheik Invaders! See the man groove. And watch Trailer Crashers (highly recommended). Via Guido.

And a shout out to the folk visiting from, whom my sitemeter tells me have spent two hours three and a half hours off and on today looking around this blog. Hope you enjoyed what you saw!

Further Update: Chalk up another small victory to the Internets.

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